Let The Journey Begin

Like most of you, I spend a lot of time in my car. I drive the entire valley for pastoral visits and the many different aspects of my ministry in the Vail Valley and Colorado BUT the most time, I spend in the car is taking kids where they need to go. This got me thinking about how we can use this time together better. My boys aren't old enough to have their own phones so they don't have that distraction; however, when they are old enough to drive I don't want them to be in the habit of using their phones in the car. This mean I have to model this behavior better. 

Photo by Christopher Lukanich


We talk about everything with our kids: school, sports, dance, music, the weather, etc. but when it comes to God, we just clam up. I am just as guilty as any parent and this is my business. I am unsure of what to ask or how to handle the off the wall answers I get from the back seat. And even more daunting are the questions I get,  because the questions are often questions most adults are afraid to ask out loud. These questions go right to the heart of our own doubts and faith struggles.

I know, I am not the only one who struggles with talking about faith with my kids. Lent seems like a perfect time to be uncomfortable for a few minutes while I talk to my boys about our faith. My prayer is that these discussions will give us a deeper understanding of our relationships with each other and God.

I plan to use this travel time to talk to the boys about our faith and their understanding of God. I want to know what they are thinking and what they understand. I would like to invite your family to join us. Our children know about God because we bring them to church and Sunday school but their primary understanding of how God is present in their lives comes from parents. When they see us talking to and about God they come to know God as a constant and active presence in their lives. 

Every day during Lent, I will post a discussion topic for the commute. I know that loads of questions and funny comments will come from these discussions. I invite you to share them with us, if you would like. I will try to answer the questions as quickly as I can. I hope this leads our community to a deeper understanding of our own faith journeys by examining it through the eyes of our children.


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